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Bad luck: An Obama trademark

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Are these coincidences or is this guy “snake-bit?”

The definition of a snake bite kit when President Obama is around is “LEAVE.”

Even Peggy Noonin wondered about his coincidences in June, 2010 when she wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal.

Diverted landing of Marine One

Obama visits Solar company and it goes out of business

It’s not President Obama’s fault that an oil rig blew up in the Gulf of Mexico

It’s not his fault that shortly after he left Hawaii a year ago, there was a tsunami threat.

Certainly not his fault that he received a Nobel prize and the country erupted into a full murder trail after he departed.

A string of state wide tornadoes followed after he left the midwestern United States.

A Japanese nuke plant blow ups from a cyclone.

Not his fault that he cleared the way for a G.M. bankruptcy and now many of those cars prior to the bankruptcy are not covered by a warranty.

Absolutely no reason to blame him for the credit rating downgrade of the U.S.

The same world leader who told Haiti that he would not abandon them and they got crushed withing two weeks after the statement with another weather phenomena.

The same guy also proclaimed his hope and change arrived until ‘bad luck’ hit us a couple weeks ago.

Certainly nothing to do with Senator Kennedy’s death the day after he arrived at Martha’s Vineyard in 2009.

Now this coincidence tops them all – an earthquake along the east coast all the way to Atlanta.

It’s easy to conclude; if you’re ever near a rope line and President Obama is on the other side shaking hands, get outta there because there must are dozens more coincidences/disasters that have followed him in some timeline since he took office and after he leaves a geographic scene.

Only 515 Days, 21 Hours, 47 Minutes, 31 Seconds before his term expires.


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